I graduated in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Turin in 2003. In 2007 I got my PhD degree in Immunology and Cellular Biology with the experimental thesis: “Electroporation, adjuvants and chimeric plasmids as critical factors in anti-tumour DNA vaccine”.  I am currently working as a Post-Doc in the laboratory of Prof. R. Chiarle on the validation of DNA vaccination strategies against ALK protein.
Cristina Mastini
Post-doctoral Fellow
I graduated in Sanitary Biology, in 2005, and I completed my PhD in Experimental Pathology and Oncology, in 2010, at the University of Torino (Italy). My current project, as a post-doc, focuses both on the study of ALK translocations in animal models of NSCLC, and on T cell responses at different activating stimuli.
Pagina Personale Valerio
Post-doctoral Fellow
I graduated in Molecular Biotechnology and I’ve got a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and Human Oncology at University of Turin. During my degree I studied the in vivo imaging technologies to track target cells in mouse model of acute inflammation for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. Actually my main project as the Post-Doc is the generation of mouse models for the inducible expression of two mutated forms of ALK protein to test neuroblastoma therapy.
Roberta Pulito
Post-doctoral Fellow
I have a degree in Biology. I worked on multiple myeloma and chronic B cell leukemia in a Hematologic Oncology Laboratory from 1994 until 2011. Presently I am working in Prof. Chiarle's lab with a research fellowship. My work concerns cell culture, cell biology, cytofluorimetric analysis. I also have a role in helping with lab management.
Silvia Scientifico Peola
Research Fellow
Matteo Menotti received his degree in Molecular Biology in 2010. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Biomedical Sciences and Oncology at the University of Torino, Italy. He is focused on the comprehension of the downstream pathways related to the oncogenic activity of ALK in  Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, mainly those involved in the cytoskeleton rearrangements.
Matteo Menotti
PhD Student
Teresa Poggio is graduating in Medical Biotechnology at University of Torino, Italy. Her thesis project is focused on the comprehension of the downstream pathways related to the oncogenic activity of ALK in different types of tumors.
Teresa Poggio
PhD Student
Ramesh. C. Choudhari received his degree in biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology From Karnataka University, Dharwad, INDIA in 2005. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Torino, Italy. His career aims are to gain cutting edge knowledge in the challenging areas of Cell biology, Molecular biology, Cancer biology and Immunology, to reach excellence in the field of work and attain outstanding research outcomes that will have an impact on the society.
Ramesh. C. Choudhari
PhD Student
I graduated in 2010 in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques at the University of Turin. At the moment  I am attending a master's program in Cervical Screening Cytopathology at the same University. In Prof. Chiarle's Lab I work on histology and molecular biology procedures on human and murine tissues.
Scalzo Maria Stella
Master Student
I have USA-Italian citizenship. I worked as a summer student in Dr. Thiele’s lab (NCI-NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA). I graduated in 2010 in Molecular Biotechnologies (110/110 cum laude), Torino University, Italy. I am currently an intern student in Dr. Chiarle’s lab working on my thesis. My project concerns ALK and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung cancer.
Lydia Varesio
Intern Student
I am Maria Elena Boggio Merlo. I graduated in 2011 in Medical Biotechnologies, at MBC, Torino University, Italy. I have been working as an intern student in Dr. Chiarle’s lab for two years. My project concerns the role of NPM-ALK translocation and it’s intracellular localization in anaplastic lymphoma.
Maria Elena Boggio Merlo
Inter Student