Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor
I studied Molecular Biology and got my PhD at the University of Torino. After several years of academic research activity abroad, I returned in my hometown and joined the Chiarle's lab. I worked in several fields of study including Immunology and cardiovascular biology, and now I am interested in ALK driven cancer, using cell culture and mouse models of ALCL and NSCLC. I also follow the work of undergraduate and graduate students in the lab and help in the lab management.
Senior Scientist
I graduated in Molecular and Industrial Biotechniques at University of Verona, Italy, in 2009. I got my PhD  in Human Oncological Pathology and Stem Cell at University of Verona in 2013, and my PhD project focused on the identification of the key signal transduction pathways in mantle cell lymphoma by an integrated approach based on cytogenetic, gene expression and phospho-proteomic data. I am working as a research fellow at Chiarle's lab in Torino.
Postdoctoral Fellow
I graduated in 2018 in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques at the University of Perugia. I am now attending a  Master program in Immunogenetics and Biology of Transplantation at the University of Torino. I am currently a lab technician in Prof. Chiarle's Lab where I  work on histology and molecular biology procedures on human and murine samples.