heartBless! Our lab member, Rafael, got married. (06.28.2017)

Lab member, Rafael , just got married in June,2017. Congratulations on the start of something beautifulCongratulations on their union as life partners!

yesGreat! Lab member, Dr. Pighi, gave a presentation on FBXO11 mutation in Lymphoma on AACR (05.08.2017)

The work on FBXO11 in lymphoma selected as an oral presentation at the plenary session of the meeting Hematologic Malignancies: Translating Discoveries to Novel Therapies organazied by the AACR, May 6-9, 2017; Boston, MA.

yesCongratulations! Our work on PI3K δ blockade was published by Nature (02.15.2017)

Our work that PI3K δ blockade increases genomic instability in B cells was published by Nature today. The article can be found here. A Nature News and Views, Cancer: A targeted treatment with off-target risks, written by Prof. Fruman and O'Brien from University of California can be found here.

yesGreat! Dr. Chiarle won a grant for a phase I clinical trial using an ALK vaccine for ALK-rearranged lung cancers (03.01.2016)

Dr. Chiarle has been awarded a Bridge Project Extension grant to test the efficacy of a therapeutic ALK vaccine in ALK-rearranged non-small cell lung cancer patients in collaboration with Dr. Darrell Irvine (MIT-Koch Institute) and Dr. Mark Awad (DFCI). The vaccine is currently seeking IND approval from FDA (03/01/2016)

yesCongratulations to Dr. Chiarle for receiving a NIH R01 grant (10.01.2015)

Our lab PI, Roberto Chiarle, received a NIH R01 grant from NHLBI to investigate molecular resistance mechanism of ALK inhibitor and develop innovative therapies of ALK-rearranged cancer. Congratulations!

yesCongratulations! Dr. Chiarle has been elected as Member of the AACR and of the ASH. (02.13.2014)

Lab PI, Roberto Chiarle, has been elected as Member of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and of the American Association of Hematology (ASH) in Feb, 2014. Congratulations!

yesCongratulations! Our lab member, Mara, just got her PhD. (01.31.2014)

Lab member, Mara, just passed her defense and got her PhD in Jan, 2014. Congratulations!

heartBless! Our lab member, Taek-Chin, had his lovely baby. (01.27.2014)

Lab member, Taek-Chin, had his baby in January, 2014. The baby, a quite lovely girl, was born on Saturday in BIDMC. She is a definitely wonderful gift for Taek's life and his family. Bless Taek  become a farther now!

heartBless! Our lab member, Nada, had her cute baby. (12.12.2013)

Lab member, Nada, had her lovely baby,Matilda, in December 2013. Matilda was born just before this Christmas Day and was a really wonderful gift for Nada's life and her family. Let's bless them at this moment!

yesCongratulations! Our lab member, Chiara Pighi, got her PhD degree. (05.31.2013)

Lab member, Chiara Pighi, just passed her defense and got her PhD in May, 2013. Congratulations!